General English Beginner

Cricos: 087717K

Upon completion of General English Beginner Program the student may progress to General English Elementary


Full time
6 weeks

Mode of Study

Workbook activities
Group work
Discussion Lecture / tutorial


Weekly mini tests
Mid program exam
Final program exam

  • Minimum English level of IELTS an IELTS test score of below 3.5 (Level 3 and 4 countries only)
  • Completion of SCEI English Placement Test to with a score between 0 – 19
  • 18 years of age or over

Please Note

  • All students MUST complete the SCEI English Placement Test
  • Entry into the course is determined by the student’s score of the English Placement Test

Topics covered

  • Hello
  • Holidays
  • Families
  • Cities
  • Inventions
  • Passions
  • Different Lives
  • Routines
  • Travel
  • The Weekend