Policies, Procedures and Forms

The following policies, procedures and forms are available for download. Please note that the document version is uncontrolled when printed.

PPO2 – Assessing Students Qualifications Experience and English Proficiency Policy and Procedure

PP03 – Student Fees and Charges Policy and Procedure

PP04 – Enrolment Process Policy and Procedure

PP05 – Refund Policy Procedure

PP07 – Younger Students Policy

PP08 – Critical Incident Emergency First Aid Policy and Procedure

PP09- Student Support Services Policy and Procedure 

PP10 – Transfer of Students between Providers Policy and Procedure

PP11 – Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure

PP12 – Completion Within Expected Duration

PP13 – Monitoring International Student Academic Progress Policy and Procedure

PP14 International Student Attendance Recording, Monitoring and Reporting Policy and Procedure

PP15 – Course Credit

PP16 – Deferring Suspending or Cancelling the Students Enrolment

PP30 – Certification Issuance

PP38 – Transition Policy and Procedure

PP40  – Work Based Training and Assessment Policy and Procedure

PP51 – Monitoring Domestic Student Academic Progress

PP52 – Student Communication Policy

PP70 – ICT Use Policy and Procedure

PP71 – Harassment Policy


PP76 – Ethical Behaviour Policy

PP77 – Assessment Policy and Procedure

PP79 – Student Rules

PP80 – RPL Policy

PP83 – Student Registration with Professional Boards

PP88 – Student and Stakeholder Feedback Policy and Procedure

PP96 – Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure 

PP97 – Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure

PP99 – Student Misconduct Policy and Procedure

PP102 – Nursing Professional Practice Experience Policy and Procedure

FOR11 – Application for Refund